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We Do Not Provide Fingerprints For:

You can find more information about how to obtain fingerprints for the services above by clicking the link.

If you are a business and would like to receive special discounts to fingerprint all your employees, please contact us to set up an account.

Direct Submission For Employment, Adoption, Foster Parents, Childcare, Church Personnel, Volunteering, DOPL Licensing, Real Estate, Insurance Agents, Contractors, Medical Cannabis and more.

Direct Submission For Identity History Summary To Check, Correct, Or Challenge A Record – Adoption From A Foreign Country – Visa To Live, Work Or Travel Abroad & More (Not For Licensing Purposes).

Fingers Are Scanned and Printed On The Standard FBI FD-258 Fingerprint Cards To Be Submitted To The ATF For The Transfer Of NFA Firearms.

Fingers Are Scanned and printed On The Standard FBI FD-258 Fingerprint Cards For Personal Use Or To Submit A Physical Card To The FBI, BCI, Or Other State Agency Or Licensing Board.

You must bring the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) “E”, “P”, “R”, “S”, “V”, or “W” form with you.
This is the ONLY ink fingerprint service we provide.

FBI FD-258 Fingerprint Cards Are Scanned To Create Digital Fingerprints For Direct Submission To The Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI), Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI), Archiving For Future Submissions Or Other Needs.

Mobile Fingerprinting Our professional mobile fingerprinting service technicians come to your home or office to provide convenient, hassle-free, quality service with minimal disturbance to your environment. Our approved state-of-the-art Live Scan fingerprint system is fully compliant with strict standards set by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It saves you and your employees travel time, … Continue reading Mobile Fingerprinting

Passport Pictures & Notary Services

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