Worry Free Acceptance Guarantee

Worry Free Acceptance

Our guarantee is simple.
If an agency rejects your fingerprints (0.1% chance) we will make it right by getting you new fingerprints for FREE!


We have the latest high-resolution, highest quality, up-to-date technology live scan devices, and fingerprint capture equipment that has a 99% approval rate. This makes all the difference with fingers that may be dry or oily and have trouble producing quality fingerprint images. However, there are instances where fingerprints are rejected due to low-quality images. Fingerprints can wear down for many reasons and as we age our skin gets thinner, making it difficult to lift the fingerprints on a small part of the population. There are temporary reasons fingerprints are smooth and fingerprints can come back with new layers of skin. If fingerprints are too low of quality to scan against the criminal database the state or federal agency may require your fingerprints to be resubmitted. Generally, these agencies do not reject fingerprints more than twice. If a customer’s fingerprints are rejected all the customer needs to do is bring in the rejection letter along with a copy of the receipt and we will redo the fingerprints at no additional cost!

If the following applies, our “Worry Free Acceptance Guarantee” is void. All costs associated with resubmitting new fingerprints under these circumstances must be paid again.

  • If a customer chooses not to include their social security number or any other demographic information, or if the information submitted is incorrect after you have verified it was correct, which creates any problems or delays in processing your fingerprints to verify your identity with the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI), any other agency or licensing board in another state, or the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).
  • If a customer did not want their hands to be touched and refused to allow Utah FAST, a representative or employee to conduct the fingerprinting by pressing the four fingers of both hands, pressing both thumbs, and rolling all fingers and thumbs of both hands.
  • If Utah FAST did not originally complete a customer’s fingerprints such as a Card Scan or Out Of State Direct Submission For Utah Background Checks (Criminal History Record)
  • Direct Submission to the FBI for an FBI Background Check (Identity History Summary), for any reason.

If you have any questions or have any issues with the fingerprint service that we provided for you, please contact us.

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