Out Of State Direct Submission For Utah Background Checks


If you currently live or are traveling in another state and need to submit fingerprints electronically to the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) our card scan service can convert a “hard” fingerprint card into an electronic fingerprint record so you don’t have to travel to Utah. No other state can submit fingerprints electronically to BCI. After we have received all required items we submit them electronically to BCI the same day which allows your background check process to begin as soon as possible.

After making this payment you must have completed the consent form and you must mail us the completed fingerprint card. If you are paying for another individual, please include the name of the applicant in the notes during the checkout process.

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Out Of State Residents Who Need To Submit Fingerprints. The FD-258 Fingerprint Card Is Scanned To Create Digital Fingerprints For Direct Submission To BCI

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